“If you want to find Dhamma, it has nothing to do with the forests or the mountains or the caves. It’s only in the heart. It has its own language of experience. There is a great difference between concepts and direct experience. With a glass of hot water, whoever put his finger into it will have the same experience -hot- which can be called by many words in different languages

– Ajahn Chah from “Tree in the Forest”


Buddhist Society of Western Australia and Ajahn Brahm

I never knew of Ajahn Brahm until my partner gave me a link to some of his talks and I got hooked!! Buddhism for day-to-day life! That was lacking in my life.

Ajahn Brahmavamso is originally from the UK. A scholarship winning Cambridge graduate, he sought more from life than the mundane goals we all aspire to achieve. He headed to Thailand soon after his studies and ordained under the auspices of Ven. Ajahn Chah in the Theravada Thai Forest Tradition. Ajahn Brahm, as he is affectionately known, then headed off to Australia and soon became the abbot of the Bodhinyana Monestary. The Buddhist Society of Western Australia or BSWA, is the community that grew up around the monestary and is actively growing each day.

Ajahn Brahm’s humour and do-it-yourself style of teaching has appealed to people the world over. I have made it through very tough times with only the help of a mp3 file of a talk of his. There are a multitude of talks available, please take the time to go through them.

Being an in-demand speaker (practical wisdom free-of-charge!) all over the world, Ajahn Brahm spends half his life on airplanes.

I had the great honour of meeting and talking to him when he was in Toronto.  I thanked him for all his wonderful work, he simply smiled and said it wasn’t work because he loves doing it!

Ajahn Chah

Venerable Ajahn Chah or Luang Por (venerable father) Chah was an influential and honoured Buddhist monk following the Thai Forest Tradition in Thailand. Luang Por Chah passed away in 1992 following a debilitating illness that left him bed-ridden and unable to speak for 10 years. Nevertheless, the scope and impact of his efforts in practicing, teaching and living the teachings of the Buddha lives on to this day.

Bhikkhu Bodhi

Dhamma Talks An collection of Buddhist talks by various monasteries founded by  the students of Ajahn Chah.

Access to Insight A wonderful resource for traditional Buddhist texts, essays, poetry and other material. Well organised and the entire site can be downloaded to your computer.