The Mindful Way

A 3-part series of a BBC documentary about the Buddhist monks following the Thai Forest Tradition. This practice undertaken by the monks follow very closely the original path practiced by the Buddha and the monks during his time.

The abbot, Ven. Luang Por Chah, or Ajahn Chah as he is best known by western students, trained many wonderful western teachers such as Ajahn Brahmavamso and Ajahn Sumedho. Ajahn Chah’s teachings are simple, clear, direct and devoid of speculation and superstition, the closest to the word of the Buddha as I have ever come across.

Please enjoy these videos as a first step:

The Mindful Way

For more details on Buddhism, see Resources


One thought on “The Mindful Way

  1. Holy Mackeral,

    Got to get back to your site just to see the 3-part documentary on Buddhism. Don’t know how I first found you, but it must be synchronocity.

    Michael J

    After that, I check out your mindful way as well as a mindful walking (did quite a bit of that recently at a retreat last week at Omega Institute. A Buddhist monk held a workshop on veterans’ affairs and meditation.)

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